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Screening for Poly-Behavioral Addiction

With the finish regarding the particular Cold War, the actual hazard of a world nuclear conflict possesses declined considerably. It may often be tough in order to that is amazing within the end, comedians may perhaps become taking advantage of the particular humor from the news that it wasnt nuclear warheads, but French fries of which annihilated this people race, when it comes in which meal addictive problems and his or her associated disorders now afflict far more men and women internationally compared to malnutrition. The behaviour dependancy symptoms (e.g., foodstuff addictions, pathological gambling, plus other obsessively-compulsive behavioral-patterns to religion, and/ or making love / pornography, etc.) are usually just like damaging, psychologically and also socially when alcoholic beverages as well as drug abuse.

On a far more considerable note, lifestyle illnesses as well as habits is the leading cause of preventable morbidity in addition to death rate using several trillion (1,000,000) U.S. world a year, yet quick preventive behavioral tests and advising interventions are usually under-utilized with health care controls (Whitlock, 2002). The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force came to the conclusion in which effective behavioral direction interventions which address particular health businesses hold higher promises intended for restoring overall health as compared with many extra deterring measures, for example regime verification regarding early condition (USPSTF, 1996). Common health-promoting behaviours comprise nutritious diet, typical bodily exercise, tobacco cessation, appropriate alcohol/ remedy use, and sensible sexual practitioners to incorporate utilize with condoms plus contraceptives.

Multiple Addictions along with Poor Prognosis

Since it really is not possible to expect healing for starters being addicted often be useful any time various other addictions co-exist, that initial restorative treatment for virtually every desire has to consist of a good evaluation for various other addictions. National reviews shown that the huge effects is available between product abuse along with behavioral addictions. Repeated breakdowns are around every corner with each one of the addictions, despite having utilizing the top treatment strategies. But why carry out 47% with clients treated throughout exclusive cravings therapy products (for example) relapse from the earliest year following healing (Gorski, T., 2001)? Have craving companies grow to be conditioned to accept failing since the norm? There are numerous advantages of this terrible prognosis.

Some might proclaim that addiction are generally psychosomatically- activated in addition to serviced from a semi-balanced push field connected with driving as well as restraining multidimensional forces. Others would declare that failures are generally credited in order to some sort of loss of self-motivation as well as will power. Most will concur in which way of life behavioral harmful addictions are serious health risks that will deserve some of our attention, nonetheless could it probably often be this people with various addiction will be getting below determined (with a particular dependence) simply on account of your deficit of diagnostic tools and methods that are unable to function properly regarding resolving this complexness regarding examining plus dealing with a patient using multiple addictions?

The Addictions Recovery Measurement System (ARMS), along with three hundred countrywide institutions in addition to 250 State criminal court health, thought health, drug abuse, and topographical companies help the U.S. Department regarding Health along with Human Services, Healthy People the new year program. This national effort proposes of which most important proper care clinicians make use of clinical preventive lab tests and brief behavior counseling regarding quick detection, prevention, in addition to treatment of lifestyle illness plus desire signals for all individuals after just about every healthcare visit. The ARMS theory proposes a different diagnosis. Poly-behavioral desire may be the synergistically integrated continual dependence about multiple physiologically addictive chemicals and also behaviours (e.g., using/ mistreating contents - nicotine, alcohol, & drugs, and/or behaving impulsively and also obsessively compulsive in terms of gambling, foodstuff bi nging, sex, and/ or maybe religion, etc.) concurrently (Slobodzien, J., 2005).

The ARMS prognostication program facilitates your Five As construct (a type modified from tobacco cessation interventions) for a summary screening behavioral counseling system. This standard (Morgan plus Fox, 2000) supplies numerous simple interventions to get the treatment of individuals depending on their diet and lifestyle sickness signals and addictive behavior status. Health care providers should:

Ask persons about disease/ desire wellness signals (e.g. as long as they work with tobacco, alcohol, drugs, exercise, diet, gamble, practice dangerous erectile behaviors, etc.). An office wide program may be integrated to ensure that almost all persons will be queried with regards to precarious behaviors.

Advise persons to be able to quit--advice need to be clear, strong, and personalized.

Assess motivation for making a new give up attempt within the future thirty days. Provide a motivational intervention for these not willing to be able to terminate during this kind of time.

Assist patients with their own work to quit: (1) Patients need to established a leave time frame and clear away addictive solutions (triggers) using their environment. (2) Provide handy counseling. Total abstinence will be key objective. Patients have to control drinking work with as well as prepare for along with plan for troubles and triggers. (3) Offer support and advise of which clients look for help support coming from their own friends along with family. (4) Recommend proper first- or even second-line pharmacotherapies.

Arrange follow-up from the first 7 days following on from the quit date to counteract relapse.

Accurate diagnosis is usually based mostly on a comprehensive multidimensional assessment course of action combined with probable support with a multidisciplinary remedy company approach. Behavioral Medicine professionals have got visit realize that though a disorder could possibly be principally physical or even mostly mental health in nature, it really is constantly something belonging to the entire individual not just from the human body or your mind. The ARMS method examines the wide bio-psychosocial wording with the man or women (e.g., biomedical, behavioral, interpersonal, social, cultural, spiritual, and self-regulative factors, etc.), when options going anyone to discover the existence of the chosen lifestyle addiction. It is concerned considering the health and wellbeing choices individuals help make in addition as enhancing as well as altering unhealthy life-style that will straight reduce condition as well as health issues habits of which predisposes them to b e able to other physical illnesses.

The ARMS battery power regarding dimensional test and testing instruments target the particular multidimensional tasks of diagnosis, although still advertise the typical screening process instruments to get unique substance abuse destructive addictions (e.g., CAGE, MAST, AUDIT, SASSI, etc.). The ARMS battery pack could also assist with building one other a number of DSM axes on the professional medical diagnosis. The Multidimensional Psychosocial Stressors Inventory (MPSI) is usually utilized to narrow along a list of axis just one diagnoses in addition to axis several stressors. The Personality Feature Checklist (PFC) can help using discovering an persons persona features on axis a pair of that could be leading to their addictive life-style.

The General Health Risk Assessment (GHRA) can benefit figuring out physical signs and other addictive warning signs to consider choice axis some diagnoses. The Religious Attitudes Inventory (RAI) might help using progressing the natural way a patients spiritual/ religious life-functioning dimension. The Prognostic Assessment Gauge (PAG) cumulative score can objectively uncover a prognostic degree of performance with regard to axis five. This good evaluation tactic ones to depart very little stone unturned. The using simple selection application is just one among twelve controlling tools proposed inside the Addictions Recovery Measurement System to help you carriers when using the poly-behavioral desire examination process:

Behavior Risk Assessment Screen (BRAS) Fact Sheet

The Behavior Risk Assessment (BRA) can be an useful and also efficient screening process software applied for first detection regarding unhealthy life-style practices previous to some people reveal by themselves because significant wellbeing problems. It can be made with the subsequent six verification tools: 1) Substance Intake Screen: (Nicotine, Alcohol, Illegal Drugs), 2) Eating Attitude Screen, 3) Exercise Pattern Screen, 4) Sleep Pattern Screen, 5) Sexual Practice Screen, 6) Gambling Practice Screen, and the 7) Risky Behavior Screen.

Target Population: Adults recognized by using Alcohol/ Substance Abuse or perhaps Dependence Disorders and/ or maybe various other behaviour addictions, (e.g., gambling, eating, sex, faith based addictions, etc.). For adults both in inpatient plus outpatient settings.

Administrative Issues: The BRA provides twenty one products in which an personal can certainly reply within minutes. It is definitely very easily scored, as well as the benefits can be rapidly integrated into your Prognostic Assessment Gauge for a cumulative prognosis score.


Time required: 10 minutes

Scored by Clinician

See scoring guide

Clinical Utility:

In add-on that will this BRAs usefulness around originally sensing an folks chance for potential health, and/ or different addictive problems, it may possibly likewise end up being used being a interest knowledge device for the elimination with behavioral health problems.

Research Applicability:

The BRAs brevity, ease regarding management plus scoring, and availability connected with laptop format regarding files safe-keeping and study ensure it is really useful for analysis applications. Based on free interviews by way of a mental well being professional, the actual BRA administered by simply main caution practitioners shown good exactness (sensitivity as well as specificity) for gathering up significant clinical story data from a appropriate manner for prognostic decision-making. Treatment outcome experiments tend to be at present with process. Copyright, and Source March 2007 by James Slobodzien, Psy. D. -------------------------------------------------------- Behavior Risk Assessment Screen (BRAS)

Name: _______________________________ Date: _________________

Signature: ___________________________ SSN: _________________

The Behavior Risk Assessment Screen can be comprised in the following eleven screening scales:

A. Substance Intake Screen

B. Eating Attitude Screen

C. Exercise Pattern Screen

D. Sleep Pattern Screen

E. Sexual Practice Screen

F. Gambling Practice Screen

G. Risky Behavior Screen


Following tend to be groups involving terms which might be by using numbers and also weighted - 10, 20, or 30. Please understand every number of statements carefully. Then go for the main one record in each and every team that is certainly most correct for you, and group the selection close to that statement for you to pick. NOTE: Be guaranteed to examine all the particular statements within each group, and group of friends only one quantity close to the actual claims that you simply pick.

A. Substance Intake Screen: Score = ___

(Total Nicotine, Alcohol, Illicit drug treatments & Caffeine Scores and partition

by 4= ___ (Total Score)

Nicotine Use Score = ___

1. I never smoke cigarettes, cigars, or even plumbing or perhaps use electric

chewing tobacco, and I am not shown to cigarette smoking regularly.

Yes (30 points)

2. I commonly smoking a pack or higher daily, and/ and also chew more than a

can regarding cigarette every day.

Yes (10 points)

Alcohol Use: Score = ___

1. (Male) I don't drink alcohol beverages, and also if I drink, I don't

consume a lot more as compared to 2-standard alcoholic wines every occasion, or maybe more

than 14-drinks for each week.

(Female) I tend not to drink alcohol, as well as in the event I drink, I perform definitely not take in in excess of 1-standard alcohol consume each occasion, or higher as compared with 7-drinks per week. (Male & Female) I under no circumstances take while obtaining health care problems (e.g., female- pregnancy, etc.) or maybe while working machinery. Yes (30 points)

2. I drink, but I usually do not ingest extra as compared to three or more (female) and also four (male) typical alcohol wines each affair on any one day in the week. Yes (20 points)

3. I generally consume 4 or higher common alcoholic refreshments for every occasion, and also generally consume more than 14-standard refreshments per week. Yes (10 points)

Illicit Drug Use: (e.g., All road drugs: marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine (ICE), ecstasy, LSD, Heroin, which include un-prescribed medications, inhalants, and/ or even unauthorized supplementations Ephedra, or maybe excessively made use of over-the-counter medications, etc.). Score = ___

1. I have not necessarily previously utilized illicit block drugs and/ or consumed addictive prescription medications regarding very long periods in the past, in addition to I carry out not presently use illicit prescription drugs or receive addictive genital herpes medications. Yes (30 points)

2. I possess employed illicit street drug treatments and/ or perhaps have used addictive medications intended for long periods while in the past. Yes (20 points)

3. I apply illicit road medications and/ or perhaps take addictive medications frequently and also when I obtain opportunity. Yes (10 points) Caffeine Intoxication: (e.g., coffee, soda, tea, & different level of caffeine products, etc.)

Score = ___

1. My utilization of the level of caffeine items has not necessarily triggered relax or perhaps impairment inside my personal social, occupational, or maybe some other crucial regions regarding my life. Yes (30 points)

2. My use of caffeine products offers caused actual physical indications (e.g., restlessness, nervousness, excitement, and/ or maybe insomnia, etc.), that have took disadvantages with my social, occupational, or other crucial spots connected with my own life.

Yes (10 points)

B. Eating Attitude Screen: Score = ___

1. Issues regarding this weight and/ or diet regime have not brought about me that will feel shame, guilt, embarrassment, and/ and also low self-esteem, seeing that this marriage along with foods includes for no reason also been among the problem regions inside my life. Yes (30 points)

2. Issues regarding this excess weight and/ as well as healthy eating plan have been recently a concentration involving my life, causing me to be able to at times really feel shame, guilt, embarrassment, and/ or low self-esteem, as I often overeat, below eat, binge, purge, and/ or perhaps obsess more than diets and calories from fat

Yes (10 points)

C. Exercise Pattern Screen: Score = ___

1. On average, I exercise several situations or over every week for an hour or over when and/or possess energetic pastime three moments as well as far more per week with regard to 20 units or over each and every time. = 30 items

2. On average, I physical exercise a couple of times your week to get an hour or over just about every time. = 20 factors

3. I dont physical exercise and/ as well as dont use a physical exercise program which I follow.

= eight points

D. Sleep Pattern Screen: Score = ___

1. On average, I typically obtain concerning 7 plus 8 several hours with snooze daily.

= 30 details 2. On average, I generally receive below five hours of sleep daily or over as compared with 11 hours connected with sleeping daily.

= 10 points

E. Sexual Practice Screen: Score = ___

1. I include always abstained out of sexual family relationships or I have usually employed protected sex (e.g., employed condoms/ contraceptives appropriately, etc.) and get simply no prior historical past with STDs, a number of sex partners, or even with expressing needles by using anyone.

Yes (30 points) 2. I never have constantly applied harmless having sex and/ and also also have various intercourse partners.

Yes (20 points) 3. I have not usually practiced risk-free sex, and/ or even - I presently have got many sexual partners and/ or have a very prior history of STDs and/ or perhaps a history regarding expressing small needles together with others.

Yes (10 points)

F. Gambling Practice Screen: Score = ___

1. I have never gambled, and also I include by no means gambled by using greater than $100.00 on almost any one- day, plus it had been simply intended for interpersonal entertainment. My casino possesses by no means generated unfavorable penalties in order to other people or maybe myself.

Yes (30 points)

2. Gambling might possibly be section of my personal leisure activities, but I have never gambled by using over $1000.00 on virtually any one-day. Periodically I have suffered with some negative consequences, but I include certainly not lost handle over this behavior. Yes (20 points)

3. I have got gambled having above $1000.00 with any one-day and/ or I have a very constant or even occasional losing command over gambling behaviors; and/ or even your preoccupation having gambling in addition to finding dollars pertaining to gambling; and/ or perhaps a routine of moving forward to help gamble inspite of negative consequences. Yes (10 points)

G. Risky Behavior Screen: Score = ___

1. I shouldn't have a pattern regarding doing these high-risk behaviors:

a. Drinking drinking and/ or making use of mind shifting prescriptions and also driving your motor vehicle, or horseback riding by using somebody which does;

b. Drinking alcoholic beverages and/ or employing head altering drugs in addition to performing machinery, and/ or utilizing a firearm, beyond expectations devices, and/ or maybe disclosing me personally to medicines, chemicals, and/ and also poisons;

c. Drinking booze and/ or utilizing brain changing drugs and bicycling, swimming, diving, boating, as well as doing different most likely risky recreational activities;

d. Driving/ using a vehicle and never using seatbelts and also a helmet;

e. I don't have a historical past of needing obsessive imagination and/ or maybe impulsive symptoms which may have generated negative consequences (e.g., alcohol/ substance abuse, pill promiscuity, speeding/ careless driving, and/ or maybe some other aggressive impulses, resulting in auto crashes, falls, fires, in the vicinity of drowning, in the vicinity of suffocation, poisoning - incidents, assault, self-harm, damage or reduction for you to personal or even some property, or some other harmful behaviors, etc.). Yes (30 points)

2. I have got a historical past (more as compared to one incident) in the above risky behaviors, and/ or of experiencing obsessive thoughts as well as impulsive behaviors who have leaded to a number of adverse consequences, (e.g., alcohol/ material abuse, sexual promiscuity, speeding/ foolhardy driving, various other intense impulses, resulting throughout auto crashes, falls, fires, in the vicinity of drowning, in close proximity to suffocation, poisoning - incidents, assault, self-harm, damage or decline to personal or perhaps people property, as well as some other dangerous behaviors, etc.).

Specify behavior(s): _________________________

Yes (10 points)

Scoring: The Addictions Recovery Measurement System utilizes an arbitrary, but standardised weighted class course of action to assign various intensity levels involving prognostic factors family member to help each and every people today test scores (e.g., Clinical Evaluation Guide: 10 factors = High Risk by using long-term & intense symptoms; twenty points = Moderate Risk with acute & average symptoms; plus 30 tips = Low Risk without having present acute symptoms, etc.). This process is needed in a great try to objectively measure, integrate, along with systematize that collection, tabulation, interpretation, and also graphical exhibit of the ARMS verification means test results.

Behavior Risk Assessment (BRA) Tabulation Guide: (Example) 1. Substance Intake Screen: Nicotine Score = 30

Alcohol Score = 10

Illegal Drugs Score = 20

Caffeine Score = 10

(Divide simply by 4) 70 = 17.5

Score = 17.5 2. Eating Attitude Screen Score = 30 3. Exercise Pattern Screen Score = 30 4. Sleep Pattern Screen Score = 30 5. Sexual Practice Screen Score = 20 6. Pathological Gambling Screen Score = 20 7. Risky Behavior Screen Score = 10 (Score) broken down by 7 multiplied by way of 3.33 Total Score =157.5 157.5 divided by simply 7 = 22.5 x 3.33 = 74.9

Cumulative PAG Score = 74.9

Prognostic Assessment Gauge (PAG) - Interpretive Guide:

___ Excellent = 80 that will 100(e.g., ideal a higher standard functioning, etc.)

75_ Good = 60 that will 80(e.g., over sufficient amount of functioning w/ Mild symptoms)

___ Fair= forty to 60(e.g., sufficient level of operating w/ Moderate symptoms, etc.)

___ Poor= twenty to 40(e.g., poor a higher level performing w/ Severe symptoms, etc.)

___ Guarded= 0 to 20(e.g., prestigious hazard for you to do-it-yourself or perhaps others, etc.)

The Prognostic Assessment Gauge (PAG) Score can be used to help score some or perhaps all there are 12 ARMS - verification instruments. It is definitely implemented just as one indication involving precisely how properly a person is dealing in the situated time. It summarizes an men and women overall psychological, social, and also occupational functionability and probably do likewise represent an objective DSM-IV, Axis V - Global Assessment regarding Functioning (GAF) score.

NOTE: Each personal product inside the (10) high-risk kind must be screened for more assessment.


Since successful cure final results are influenced by complete assessments, precise diagnoses, along with extensive personalized medication planning, it is absolutely no speculate which replicated rehabilitation problems and small achievement prices are normative as an alternative to this exclusion in the addictions field, when the most current DSM-IV-TR will not also incorporate an analysis with regard to various addictive behavioral disorders. Treatment clinics must have some sort of remedy planning technique and referral multi-level that may be prepared for you to thoroughly examine multiple addictive and mental health and fitness issues as well as relevant treatment wants in addition to adequately give education/ awareness, elimination approach groups, and/ or particular addictions healing providers pertaining to individuals determined by using multiple addictions. Written healing targets along with targets should be chosen pertaining to every single individual addict ion plus facet of the folks life, as well as the wanted operation outcome and also the end consideration need to be mainly stated, behaviorally structured (a obvious activity), as well as measurable.

For more info see: Poly-Behavioral Addiction plus the Addictions Recovery Measurement System (ARMS) at: /drslbdzn/Behavioral_Addictions.html


American Psychiatric Association: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual connected with Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision. Washington, DC, American Psychiatric Association, 2000, p. 787 & p. 731. American Society of Addiction Medicines (2003), Patient Placement Criteria with the Treatment with Substance-Related Disorders, finally Edition, Retrieved, June 18, 2005, from:

/ Arthur Aron, Ph.D., professor, psychology, State University of New York, Stony Brook; Helen Fisher, research professor, department regarding anthropology, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J.; Paul Sanberg, Ph.D.,professor, neuroscience, and director, Center with Excellence intended for Aging and Brain Repair,University of South Florida College connected with Medicine, Tampa; June 2005, that Journal of Neurophysiology Gorski, T. (2001), Relapse Prevention In The Managed Care Environment. GORSKI-CENAPS Web Publications. Retrieved June 20, 2005, from: Lienard, J. & Vamecq, J. (2004), Presse Med, Oct 23;33(18 Suppl):33-40. Morgan, G.D.; plus Fox, B.J. Promoting Cessation associated with Tobacco Use. The Physician along with Sports medicine. Vol 28- No. 12, December 2000. Slobodzien, J. (2005). Poly-behavioral Addiction plus the Addictions Recovery Measurement System (ARMS),, Inc., p. 5. Whitlock, E.P. Evaluating Primary Care Behavioral Counseling Interve ntions: An Evidence-based Approach. Am J Prev Med 2002;22(4): 267-84. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Healthy People the year 2010 (Conference Edition). Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office; 2000.

James Slobodzien, Psy.D. CSAC, can be a Hawaii licensed psychologist and also credentialed substance abuse physician who gained his doctorate around Clinical Psychology. The National Registry involving Health Service Providers in Psychology credentials Dr. Slobodzien. He has over 20-years connected with thought health and fitness practical experience mainly employed in the actual job areas associated with alcohol/ substance mistreatment plus behavior addictive problems around medical, correctional, plus judicial settings. He is usually an adjunct mentor involving Psychology and also also maintains a private practice to be a psychological health consultant.

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